From: Shaun. Los Angeles

I have been enjoying your website. It is indeed a treasure trove. I feel like a kid in a candy store. You have done a great service to the Maestro. I thank you for the opportunity. It's been a while since we met when Ayke brought you into our store in Marina del Rey, and I hope to see you again in the future. Congratulations.

From: Mark Lupin

As a former pupil of Mr. Heifetz, I find it wonderful that his legacy is honored through this website and by sharing the story of this incredible artist.  Thank you for the care in presenting his life in this way - truly the great of all greats - that is my memory ... 

From: Judith

What a great site for Heifetz fans. I loved the photo gallery, especially during his retirement when the stone face seems to soften and the warmth of his character shines through. Many thanks to all who contributed. I hope there is more to come. 

From: Sarah

Jascha Heifetz is truly an amazing violinist. Great website, extensive photo collection.

From: J.


Great site! I really enjoyed looking around there and I learned much. There were quite a few things I didn't know about Heifetz. BTW, I think theres a page missing from your Figaro slideshow, page 9 I think.

Thanks for such an interesting site.


From: Eric Roter

Thank you so very much for your fantastic website and to your devotion to bringing Heifetz's artistry to the Post-Heifetz world.  I grew up with his recordings and befriended a few who knew him personally.  My fascination with him and his accomplishments only grows with time.  Best to you and I greatly look forward to seeing the new film. 

Eric Roter, M.D.

From: Rudolf

Fantastic page, nicely done, real fun and interesting to go trough all links!
I will make some links from my website to yours.

Greetings and best wishes, RK

From: Steve

Will always love the music he created for the rest of my life.  Love to Jascha!

From: NRosen

Thanks you for your great work.  The slow-motion examples are interesting, as I had previously seen only the Scherzo Tarantelle.

Josef Hassid was born in 1923, was he not?  That makes him 20 years post-Heifetz and probably influenced in the same way as his contemporaries.

1923 indeed.

From: Suzanne

I am a violist/violinist who has long been fascinated by Jascha Heifetz and his artistry. You have some very interesting photos and text on this site. Thank you!