The new-look site

The Jascha Heifetz site has been on line for some time. This is an updated look which brings it to date with the latest HTML and CSS standard and includes a few more effects. The content is by and large unchanged.

About this site

This is not, and does not intend to be, the official Jascha Heifetz.

We wish to celebrates here the life and artistic achievements of the great violinist Jascha Heifetz. Universally acknowledged as the foremost violinist of this and possibly any other era, Heifetz's extraordinary impact on the art of violin playing is a paradigm without precedence. By elevating his art, as he did, to previously unachievable levels, he had bestowed upon us one of the richest musical legacies of all time.

This website welcomes all Heifetz fans and music lovers the world over who are interested in the life and musical achievements of the great master. It has been in preparation for some three years and I have tried to keep it as clear and as simple as possible. If you wish to contribute and make it a richer and a more interesting place, please contact me.

"Paganini was born in Genoa, Heifetz in Vilnius" read the homage in the Vilnius Press, commemorating 100 years of Heifetz's birth. Paganini was the first demon of the violin, unleashing the devil's feverish gallop on his fingerboard and bouncing bow. Caruso's voice became the synonym with pure bel canto. "The work ... was contemplated for a Caruso than for a Paganini. ... Needless to say how delighted I am to have my concerto performed by a Caruso and a Paganini in one person: Jascha Heifetz" wrote Erich Korngold.

Lastly, as you browse the site, I'll borrow a Heifetz phrase: " For those of you who liked it, thanks, for those who didn't, perhaps we'll catch you the next time".