Heifetz's artistic lineage and legacy

Directly taught by Leopold Auer, Heifetz's artistic heritage is impressive. Auer was a pupil of both Dont and Joachim and both of them have studied with Bohm. The latter, a famed teacher of renowned violinists and pedagogues, was in many ways influenced by Rode who, in his turn, was influenced by Viotti

The other lineage and influence on Heifetz's artistic makeup comes from Louis Spohr, the German violinist and composer. Spohr taught Ferdinand David with whom Joachim had studied, upon Mendelssohn's advice and introduction. The other connection to David materialized in 1923 when Heifetz acquired the "ex-Ferdinand David" Guarnerius del Gesu, which became his career-long main concert instrument. Heifetz also played some of Spohr's now somewhat forgotten compositions and had recorded the latter's Violin Concerto no.8 Gesangscene.

Another indirect influence which had acted to some degree on Heifetz was that of Wieniawski who had preceded Auer at the Imperial School of Music in St. Petersburg. Wieniawski's lineage is equally impressive and can be traced all the way back to Corelli. Both Wieniawski, and especially Auer, had a major influence on the formation of what came to be known as the Russian School of violin playing.

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Heifetz's artistic lineage and legacy
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