From: Ayke Agus, Los Angeles

Dear Arthur, The greatest gift to the world, you have given with the presentation of this website about JH. Beautifully done, with integrity, respect, and great taste. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul!

Yours, Ayke

From: Barry M. Lafitte, Canada

I have been following Jascha Heifetz' career for many years, great violinist I have heard him play in a concert, this site is just god sent. Exquisitely presented and so informative. I have read all the biographies of the man but this is just great, many thanks.


From: Rick Beveridge, Santa Barbara

He was a true master of the highest order. You have done a great service to us and to the love of music.

Thank you.

From: David Janszen

Wow. Oowow. Great site, great content, all great.

From: Otilia Rossetti, Tel Aviv

This site is priceless. One of the best ever done and I am sure it can serve as study material both in respect of the great personality therein and and as a model of how one has to approach the great and undertaking of building a site of this magnitude. It's easy to work with, friendly and elegant. And... inexhaustible, offering more delights at every turn. Not to mention the original design which is a masterpiece...


From: Matthew Mallen, Los Angeles

Browsing the pages I am amazed. The intensity and dedication. Of course I will have to savor the work when TIME permits... The only area that I noticed a space is in the Bio/Chronology. I did not discern the timeline when Heifetz was guarded by Ayke.  I am certain that he was never the same... certainly a major 'from the jungle' influence. Yet, unless one knows Ayke I doubt that people would understand... as YOU UNDERSTAND... so you might just keep it for the 'scholars' to know.

Do take care and thank you for sharing the Heifetz insight. Even non music majors can certainly appreciate the dedication and the PASSION of your endeavour. It is similar to James Boswell writing about Samuel Johnson... truly the first BIOGRAPHY.

From: Adam, London

Very good site for one of the all-time great musicians!

From: Zvi Joffe, Tel Aviv
Art Director
White Night Festival

great job great website

From: Terry King

Fantastic enterprise! Please continue to build this magnificent monument to the Master


Terry King

From: Roy, London

Brilliant website, great tribute to a legend. And for those who didn't like the website, maybe you'll catch them the next time!

From: Nicky

Thank you for so much that is moving and inspiring. Such a compilation of priceless words and pictures, it is amazing to think that it has become available more than twenty years after the Master's death. (and 110 years after his birth.)  And yet he seems so much still with us.

Nathaniel Rosen

From: Tom

Congratulations upon the JH website. You have done so much to honor his great achievements. By the way is there sound on the 1931 video of the Brahms Violin Concerto at the Hollywood Bowl?

Tom O'Donnell

Alas, no.